Dashboard re-uphostery

Hi I am a new member and hopefully this is the right area for this post. 

Just bought MK1 1993 Eunos for a bargin and sound mechanically and bodywork wise.  However a few niggly things such as heat shrinkage on part of the dashboard infront of passenger seat.  It is not massive but I can see the foam padding between the two panels.  Any ideas?  I have seen vinyl paint but not sure I want to do that.  Was thinking of replacing part of the dash with leather along with door cards and seats.  How easy is it to remove dash as I cannot find anything in Haynes manuals other than the speedo etc?




Hi Ya

The crash panel is quite easy to remove, take the vents out and its then held by clips.

So owners have retrimed the panel with vinyl/leather or alcantara

Thanks again Fergyuk. 

I will take a look in the daylight - i presume the centre consul panel needs to be removed also then?  You can tell that I am new at this!  When the weather improves I will be giving the little girl a full service including cambelt, water pump, rad flushing and all oils including diff, g/box, plugs and leads.  That will keep me busy but put my mind at ease!