Day out in May at Shelsley Walsh one of the oldest race course in the UK

Hi fellow MX5 owners

We have been trying to organise a day out at this race event for a while and recently had an email back from Sarah at Shelsley offering reduced group tickets and special parking for a collective of MX5s.
This could be in their club area near the carpark, depending on interest and catering can be provided or own thing in a designated area in the car park.
For those who don’t know the venue it is a beautiful location with a full days racing of exotic and very fast machinery with access to all areas including the pits included in the ticket.
There is full catering facilities on site but we normally take chairs and a picnic.

More information on

The date suggested is Saturday 2nd of May OR Sunday 3rd of May-This is their Speed into Spring event the first race weekend of the year. Tickets are £15 each but a discount will be offered depending on numbers.

Please can we have interested members details asap.

Simon and Sara

Can I just point out that its “Shelsley Walsh” there’s no B in it.
It is a nice place to visit. Have a great day,


Simon and Sara
Thanks for this proposed event. Unfortunately I am working that weekend but hopefully other North West Midland members will respond in the positive to your exciting day out.

Jim Keeley. Joint AC. North West Midlands

Simon & Sara

I’d be up for a trip to Shelsley Walsh date permitting.
Thanks for looking in to it :grinning:


He would like to come.Either day.

Indeed it is. As a bonus you can sometimes watch us NHCA motorcycle types pressing on up the hill :wink:
May the 2nd is one such opportunity. A championship round , so the fast boys will be there - 100+ over the finish on two wheels.

Hi Simon & Sara,

I am interested in this trip, either day suits me.


Chris Davis

Sunday for me, work on Saturday was going to go last year but the weather was bad. So opted for the 3 counties show.

Thanks for looking in to it.


Hi Jim

Remember you even with the rain😉

So far 5 going and l think 10 maybe’s. Saturday is preferred going to email the course tomorrow to check bulk prices and arrangements. Difficult though without confirmation from members-what do you suggest we don’t want to come over too pushy……



If your organising you need to know numbers really. Once you have spoken with the course owners then let me know what entrance fees will be depending on number of attendees. I will promote your event this Wednesday and ask any interested members to respond to your forum post ASAP. I will tell the gathering your going for Saturday 2nd May.
Once again many thanks for volunteering to organise an event. If your free on Wednesday night why not come to our meeting and promote the event yourself.

Jim Keeley

Hello Simon & Sara

I will travel down on Saturday May 2 for Saturday’s event, Shelsley Walsh a first for me.
Stay over night, drive home Sunday May 3.
Thank you for your information.



Hi Keith
I thought we have replied but Jim didnt get our last message so trying again.
Great! Its a fantastic venue with a great atmosphere look forward to seeing you.
All the best Simon

Shelsley Walsh day out 2 May
Here is the going list as of today:
Trevor Ottawa
Scott Kelly
Birdie Heath
Amanda Bryant
Andy Taylor
Margaret Jones
John Ellis
Kieth W
Chris Davis
Chris and Christine
Neil - Galaxy
Could you please MP us for bank details as we’re not sure what’s happening with the March meeting
Entry fee £12 Pp
Really looking forward a great day out. It’s not too late to joins they will take payment up to 48hours before the event, you can pay at the gate one the day but it’s £15 Pp
Thanks Simon and Sara

Hi Sarah, unfortunately we are unable to make this date. Sorry to cancel our interest.
Ben & Marg Jones

Hi Sarah
I’m sorry you’ll have to take me of the list. I hope you all have a great time.
All the best

I’m interested. I live on the South Coast but can sort out local hotel. I’ve been a few times before, it’s a great event. David Sawdon Member 54013

Hi David. It’s a great venue we’ve been going for 35 years and still love it. It’s well worth the journey and we’d make you very welcome. Message me for payment details