Deals on michelin PS5

If you want to save a bit on ps5 michelin tyres.
15% Discount on blackcircles and 50 quid cashback from Michelin
(On setting up the cashback on the dealer you bought the tyres use blackcircles and postcode EH3 5DA)

(Do choose the tyre size you need)

(Michelin promotion ends end of may to purchase the tyres)


You have to consider how many millions of new/old stock tyres are stockpiled sky high globally following forbidden vehicle usage not wearing them out.
I’d be checking sidewall date stamps. We are always saying here tyres go off cure about 5 years down the line.
But then, I simply do not (entirely) trust anyone offering a “bargain”.
No free lunches in my life…yet.

Michelin PS5 came out fairly recently tbh i think jan 2022 or so


Had a similar problem with replacement tyres for my caravan. I normally change them at 5 years as I run them at 65psi.
Tyres on the drive turned up with a couple of 2020 tyres which were rejected. To be fair the fitter then bent over backwards when he was booked to come again, he rejected the tyres he was given and actually went to the warehouse to find me some later ones. I ended up with Week 41 2021 which was the best he could find.;(Hankook 185/80/14)
My ND is now 5 plus years old (but only about 5k miles) but as we run them @ 29 psi I think the tyres could probably go another 2 years, and it’s kept in the dark when not in use.

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