December News Email

On the latest December Update email sent out on Wednesday there is a link which says “Find out more about the Club’s 2021 Calendar”. This link takes you to the shop items. Could someone please put the correct link so that we can see next years plans. I did reply to this email pointing out the problem but nothing has been done to correct it. Thanks.

How’s this?

Thanks for that info but it still does not correct the mistake on the original email.

Hi Alan

Once an email is sent it cannot be amended, have tried when the link was spotted, ( I switched the top two articles around which retained a url on the button)

However all of the links in the email return to the Homepage, and the information is the same as in the December Mag.

Will be following up with a Christmas Eve message and resend that section as part of it

Thanks. I know that an email can’t be amended, just wanted the correct information sent out for us to see and hopefully look forward to in 2021. I’ll look forward to your Christmas Message and know it will be better than most that are coming.:grin: