Defroster cable [hard top]

I’m new to mx5s and realised the rear defroster for the hard top window wasn’t plugged in. Took off the hardtop to see the cable better, and it doesn’t appear to be able to reach the hard top connector. Did the dealer forget or didn’t have the cable? Is it an accessory I need to now purchase? Or was I daft and there’s a way to extend it? Picture attached.


It’s a 2005 NC, 2L sport.




Have a look at the post below:

This should show more info, your picture threw me as it appears some of your plastic trim is missing.
The way it works is the hardtop should have an extra loom with it. Disconnect the soft top heated rear window plug, plug in the hard top loom and connect to the hardtop.
The soft top connector attaches to the hard top loom to keep it secure and out of the way until you remove the hardtop.
If you do not have the hardtop loom this could be the issue, it is available to buy however, see below.

If you have this you should be good to go.

Good luck

Great, thanks a lot of explaining that! Have a Merry Christmas!


Anybody know where to buy one from or even how to buy the plastic connectors and make your own?
It’s out of stock on mx5parts (in stock in 4 weeks) and I’ve spend the evening on google searching.

On a well known auction site,

There are a number for sale.

Thanks. None seem to be for an MK3  :frowning: