Deletd post (Again)

Posted over an hour ago, was there when I went to eat - now it’s gone.

So - who has this offended this time? I pointed out that in the video, the sum of £6,000 was mentioned, so I looked into it further, and that amount only covers the parts, not the engine, which is another £1,000 odd pounds. And that £6,000 (£5995 to be exact,) doesn’t have VAT included, so all in it’s over £8,000.

The guy in the video was convinced, but I’m not. and others need to be aware of true costs anyway - so WHY WAS IT DELETED?

Somebody have a vested interest in this?

You posted here:

It’s in the word game section


oooops,   Try looking in your last 10 posts before you jump to conclusions, saves

Can’t afford the cost or the subsequent insurance premium