Dent Devils work at the National Rally

I took the opportunity of getting a dent sorted by Dent Devils at the rally. It has been annoying me since I bought the car because it was clearly visible sitting on top of the rear wing and as it was very difficult to get at from inside the boot I expected a repair to be tricky and/or expensive. Thanks to Dent Devils it’s now completely vanished.

The rally itself was a great day out, but to lose this annoying blemish on the car was the icing on the cake. If Dent Devils attend future rallies I recommend getting your dings and dents sorted by them. For £60 + VAT it adds little to the overall cost of a good day out.

Sounds well worth the money !


This was completely the pursuit - to get repair and service bays to become a regular part of the rally, so that members can get ‘that’ problem sorted and will know there will be someone at the Rallies who can help them. Over the past 4 years, the companies that we have brought along have been absolutely overwhelmed with the take up at the events and usually work well past the end of the day and we could do with doubling up the manpower, it is something I have talked to Dent Devils HQ about  but the trouble is the franchise nature of their territories and the mobile nature of our events makes it hard to get more than one rep to come.

I am really glad you enjoyed the day and that this little extra part of the day added so much more to your enjoyment of your 5.

Always looking to hear if there are more things like this that we can look to add to the Rallies.




The Dent Devils man at the rally did a great job for me too. I had a dozen or more small imperfections in 5 different panels, but not anymore.

i have number for dent devils man in barnsley area…chap called chris…good at his job.
he has done 5 or 6 of my cars over the years…