Did they get him out of the car?

Hi just wondering if they managed to get the roof off the jag? We had to leave as they were struggling with the press hardened B pillars…

Eventually, but I think the golden hour turned into the silver two hours.

I did have a look at the car afterwards, there is some pretty significant steel in there about 2mm thick, or 14 guage in old money, maybe even thicker.

Haha thanks.  Kept us entertained on M6 wondering if he was still stuck in it 

I got a phone call from Ian stating “could you come and move your car before the cut the roof off” or words to that effect… ( just had a dent removed) I ran that fast from the show and shine awards that my chest is still hurting. Cool Had I known they would take 2 hours I would have walked…Innocent

Great day Ian thank you.