Diff oil seal leak

After me overfilling the gearbox with oil. Before I knew I had a problem, I drove the car and blew an oil seal ( oil now leaking from under the car ). I can’ really get far enough under the car to see where it is coming from but I am guessing, from the location of the oil leak, it is the diff/back of the gearbox. So my assumption is that it is an oil seal ).

The overfill was sorted out, so the oil in the gearbox is now the correct level ( well apart from the leak ). I want to get the oil seal fixed and I have it booked into a garage to get this sorted. My question is ( going back to my youth , which is a fair few years ). Is can an oil seal be fixed successfully? I always understood that once the original had blown, although you can replace it, it will never provide a good a seal as the original. And it is only a matter of time before it starts leaking again. Is that statement correct or have things come on a bit in the last 30 years.

Also, the garage I am taking it to say it is likely to be a massive job and it is likely to take 2/3 days. And they did talk about taking the box out and all sorts. Is that likely to be necessary? As you can tell I don’t know a massive amount about cars but I can’t imagine a blown oil seal would require such massive effort to put right. Am I wrong? I am just trying to prevent myself being ripped off frankly.


Any input/thoughts from members would be gratefully received.


Thanks in anticipationLaughing

My first thought on what the garage has told you about taking the gear box out is because they are also going to change the front oil seal.

How about filling in more of your profile including your location and maybe someone will come along and suggest a MX5 specialist near to you (assuming the garage you have spoken too is not!).


Many thanks for your reply.

I have filled in a bit more of my profile as suggested.

No, the garage to which I refer is NOT an MX5 specialist. There is a Mazda dealer/service garage near me but they roll their eyes and quote silly money to look at an ‘import’ . I assume owning a Roadster is a bit like discovering something unpleasant on your shoe, to them. Inconvenient and not welcome.


Have you checked to see if it’s not just oil that’s leaked out of the gearbox breather
I over filled my pajeros autobox having not parked it on totally level ground on driving the excess oil came out of the breather tube
So it could be worth checking that first

PM sent.

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