Differences between Mk 2 and 2.5 NB (MK2) (Mk2.5)

If the last 6 digits of the VIN are 200001 or later that you have a MK2.5, NB F/L or 2nd Gen F/L.

Or as per Workshop manual…

"The construction and operation of the body system of the face-lifted MX-5 (NB) model is essentially carried over from that of the current MX-5 (NB) model, except for the following features.

Improved Safety
The seat belts are equipped with load limiter and pre-tensioner systems.
A double locking system has been added to power door lock system.
Improved Convenience
A keyless entry system has been adopted
An auto open function has been adopted for the driver-side power window system
The console has been enlarged to provide more space utilization
A removable ashtray has been adopted
Inproved Comfort
A seat warmer system has been adopted
Improved Design
Quad headlights have been adopted
The instrument cluster design has been changed
Improved Marketability
Front fog lights have been added
A 2-Din size audio unit has been adopted. It provides various, extendable combinations (CD player/CD changer/cassette deck/MD player)
Modification To Match Market Regulations
A MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) has been added to the instrument cluster or OBD model in compliance with the OBD regulation.