Differences on a VVT engine when changing the timing belt - NB F/L

 Pictured below are the main differences when changing the timing belt on 1800 engines with variable valve timing. The rest of the procedure is pretty much as described in many MX-5 publications for earlier, non VVT engines.

For removal of the cam cover, remove the 19mm bolt at the back of the cam cover for the oil rail. Take care not to drop the copper washers, there is one either side of the union. I normally re-use them with no problems.

Remove the 10mm bolt that secures the Oil Control Valve into the side of the cam cover then slide the OCV out. Keep it clean.

Remove the eleven 10mm cam cover bolts in the usual way then lift of the cover with the VVT housing attached.

The timing marks on the cam pulleys are in the same place as earlier engines, just there is no ‘E’ stamped on the intake pulley.