Different prices from the same insurer!

My insurance is due again 15th Nov, so I started looking a little early.

Got my quote from current insurer (Privalege) £235 (£0 exces)

GoCompare -> Hastings Direct £186 (£45 excess)
CompareTheMarket -> Hastings Direct £209 (£95 excess)

GoCompare -> Lloyds £184 (£225 excess)
CompareTheMarket £201 (£100)

Just find it interesting and a bit wierd that the exact same details get two different quotes & excess from the same insurer just by using two different comparison sites!

It’s when you get a quote online from a company then ring them up to try and better it. I’ve had the answer in the past, we can’t match that price over the phone, take the online price.
You’d think they’d at least match it to get your business but no.
It’s getting close for my renewal to pop through the letterbox, more fun and games to look forward to.

I did the phone thingy last year and my insurer dropped the price and increased the mileage such that the mileage was the same for both (8000) and they were then only £3 dearer - so I stayed with them for the sake of the changing hassle for £3.
Can’t believe they only dropped it £11 from last year despite another year no-claims (5 now) so the phone call might work, but don’t really hold out much hope for them dropping it £50 - that’s better in my pocket than theirs :slight_smile:

Depending on your age? It might be worth asking SAGA. They insured me with zero no claims for £122.

SAGA £191
Just ran it past Direct Line £161 - I think I’ll be using direct line! Cheapest and £74 cheaper than my renewal quote from Privilege.

Definitely worth shopping around and I wonder how many forget about Direct Line as they use comparison website - Direct Line are not on any of them :slight_smile:

I tried Saga on a couple of occasions for a quote, waste of time the quote was more. I was over 60 yrs old at the time.
I think it’s just catching them at the right time, different day/week/month you’ll get a different quote.

So I rang my current insurer (Privilege) and told them the quote from Direct Line – the girl said give me a minute and a few taps of her keyboard later came back with £172 as the quote - the difference of £9 meant I stayed with them to avoid the hassle of changing insurers.

So they dropped from £235 to £172 for the sake of a 3min phone call - always worth phoning them and haggling.

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