Digital Service Record issue

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 2.0 Sport Nav ND
  2. I’m based near: Lichfield
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Digital Service Record

Having purchased my car from Imperial Car Supermarket of Tamworth in Feb this year the 2nd year service was due within a couple of weeks. The service was completed but only now i’ve checked the DSR and the details have not been updated. I assume it’s the responsibility of the dealer to inform Mazda? The dealer has now been taken over by Cazoo, who should have all the details?

I think you find that if the car was serviced at a Mazda Main dealer then the history is digitally updated by them. If it’s been done by a third party this won’t happen.

Are you saying you bought the car from Imperial cars and then had it serviced by a Mazda dealer or Imperial cars did it?
It’s the dealerships responsibility to update the records on the digital website. Just hope they actually did it. My experience with Imperial cars is NOT good and would never ever buy a car from them again. Bunch of liars and yes I could prove that.
Hopefully you can track it down some how. :+1:

It was serviced by Imperial. I have the paperwork confirming the work was done. Would you recommend main dealer servicing in the future?

I took out a service plan with imperial which has been transferred over to Cazoo. Their service centre isn’t local so i’ll probably cancel and look for a more convenient solution.

You can contact Mazda UK and they will update the DSR for you. Had this done previously when I had a car serviced by Sam Goodwin


Can anyone recommend an Independant Specialist in the Lichfield area?

At least you have the paperwork :+1:
Hopefully Mazda can do that for you too. Whether you stick with main dealers or good independent garages is another matter and a can of worms.
Various views and opinions on that discussed on other threads and a matter for your good self :slightly_smiling_face:

What can i expect to pay for interim/main service at a main dealer?

If you call your nearest main dealer, quote your reg no and current mileage they should be able to quote you a fixed price menu cost. We do it all the time at my dealership in Basingstoke. It may surprise you how close it is to non franchised outlets, and the DSR gets uploaded. The DSR is important if you ever want to trade in your car at some point.

Also if you go on the Mazda web site and put in your post code for servicing etc it will bring up all the dealers around you and will give you different prices. Armed with that information, 9 times out of 10 your preferred dealer will price match or even better the cheapest quote :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

As an aside to this the My Mazda site is no longer available on a pc only on a smart phone

I’ve had a chat with Aaron at Island Garage in Stafford and given me a very reasonable quote for servicing. He’s also given me confidence moving forward :slight_smile:

Cheers Krh134 DSR all sorted with Mazda! :hugs:

You’re welcome

Being a new Mazda owner and having learnt about the digital service record when I picked up our car in June, I am now wondering if I can get a look at the digital service record ?

Is it something that we as owners are entitled to look at or is it something we have to access via a local Mazda dealership ?

Any advice would be much appreciated

If you download the My Mazda app to your phone, you should be able to see and download any service records that are held by the DSR system.

Mazda allow independent garages the right to upload data. However, they charge £35 to do so. All according the Mazda dealer in Salisbury.

FOC for me :sunglasses: