Dinitrol and rain

Morning all. My car’s currently being Dinitrol’d. With all the crappy weather that we’re still having, it’s made me wonder… will driving on wet roads wash the treatment away? I have to drive the car back home on motorways and got to thinking, would the force of the water when driving at speed cause issues? Especially when newly treated, could water be forced underneath it? I know it seems ridiculous but was wondering about peoples experiences. And yes, I have asked the garage, and they said ‘hopefully not’, which wasn’t too helpful… (This is the kind of random thoughts i have!)

I had mine Dinitrol treated last year, I’d be annoyed if it got washed off in the rain :smiley:
Mine still looks like the day it was applied :+1:
Surely the garage were just giving you a gentle ribbing with their comment?


Certainly not, it dries in minutes, by the time you collect your car it will be ok.
I’ve used it on both my NC’s with good results, just make sure to get it checked over at least every 1-2 years, it doesn’t last forever and maybe needs topping up in areas.


Thanks for the replies! I’ll try to keep my intrusive thoughts from rearing their ugly head in future! :upside_down_face:

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