Disabled parking

Just a question, I will most likely be bringing my mother who like to come to some events, she is disabled and walks with a 3 wheel walker. Will the parking be on grass or will there be some on solid surfaces.


I’m not involved in the organisation of the event, but as far as I’m aware all the MX-5 parking will be on solid ground. I’m sure some one in the know will be able to confirm. Either way, I’m sure it won’t be a problem on the day. Mom goes to Goodwood… 

She likes going out in the car, roof down.

Hi 59Five

Please ask you Mum to display her Blue Badge in your windscreen on arrival, you will be directed to the Disabled parking area.

The whole event is on hard surface and in some places compact gravel parking.

Some FAQ and more can be found


Thank you for answering, i needed to ask as it is difficult for her to get around on the grass, badge will be displayed.