Disabling he passenger airbag for a baby seat

Hi all,

New to the forum since my better half is the proud owner of a Mk 2 2002 1.6 MX5.

A great fun car for singles or a couple, but there is a third addition on the way.

By the time the stalk makes it’s delivery, my partner will need to transport our baby in safety, but I am aware that a baby seat in the front passenger seat is a big no no if the airbag is active.

Hence the question.

Is it possible to disable the passenger airbag so that a baby seat can be fitted on the passenger seat?

We really hope so as she doesn’t want to get shot of her MX5.

Thanks in advance for your comments and advice.

You’ll need a Mazda child seat that has a transponder in it that the car detects and so disables the air bag. I don’t think that they are avIlble any more though. If you want to search eBay, I think that Mercedes uses the same system.

You could umplug the airbag behind the glovebox( yellow plug) but the airbag light will stay on unless you get someone to put resistor on the wire but this is at your own risk !!!

Instructions here


I would want an off warning light if I did it

Those instructions are clear and an utterly brilliant idea!
I think that having the warning light flashing whilst the airbag is disabled will remind you that the airbag is off.
Certainly remind you to turn it back on again for adults.
Found these key switches on ebay
Think I might give it a go.
Great solution providing it all works!
I assume the instructions will work for a Mk2 MX5?

Be aware, you should disconnect the battery and wait a few minutes before making or breaking an air bag connection.