Do Golf Clubs fit in a ND or RF?

We are looking at buying a ND or maybe an RF, but my good lady needs to transport a set of golf clubs and trolley. Does anyone have experience with this and know if they fit in the boot?
The passenger seat is not an option :wink:

I heard that they don’t fit in the boot, but one of the reasons the glove box was done away with was so they could be transported on the passenger seat. Lack of glove box gave space for them to slide in the footwell.

Edit… or it may have been that only 1 set will fit in the boot but the lack of glovebox allows you to carry 2 sets, which I believe was always possible in all previous generations.

No a full set will not fit, reduced sets, smaller bags and maybe a very compact trolley ‘might’ fit.

I gave up golf when I took up MX-5 ing… :sunglasses:

To transport our event shelter, the boot lining has to come out and then it fits. Surprising how much wasted space there is with the liner in place. Clubs may fit then. Maybe someone has tried?

Full size bag will not fit, smaller bag is still difficult, you have to remove most of the clubs to squeeze it in, probably better to put it on the passenger seat. I can’t even fit my fold up trolley through the boot opening, fortunately I have another car.

Just cut them in half and you solve two problems in one go, the clubs will fit in the boot and your walk will not be ruined!!!


I can carry a Full bag/ set in the passenger side (appreciate you said not an option) with the bag in the footwell and rested up against the top of the seat ( I use a rug to stop any rubbing) and a motocaddy m5 gps trolley with the wheels off (doesn’t fit otherwise) and just put them on at the club, hope that helps

I expect you’ll need to stick with an NC to get the bag/clubs in the boot (ND not wide enough at the back nor wiggle room vs boot opening).
With the woods out (tucked into passenger footwell), in my NC boot I get a full size bag with irons in, plus folding pull-along trolley with the wheels separated + shoes etc…

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Just cut them in half and you solve two problems in one go, the clubs will fit in the boot and your walk will not be ruined!!!

I haven’t the temperament for golf, part of the problem being the paraphernalia. Were I ever to try it, I’d want a set (3) of these:

Thanks to you all for the advice. I think there might be another round of negotiation to be had here? May be a showroom visit with the clubs?

I think that telescopic golf clubs might be a non starter? She takes her golf very seriously.

I gave up golf in 1970; getting married, buying a house, then starting a family took every penny and more. So I never thought about playing again until a few years before I retired, when a colleague brought in his latest toy, a brand new Whole-in-one Divnik. During lunch break most of us who had ever hit a golf ball had a go with it in the local park. In the opinion of everyone but the owner, it was horrible!

Until John_M’s post I had happily forgotten all about it!

One of my neighbours once had a Mk1 & regularly used that for visits to the golf course, with his clubs in the boot. After a round of golf it was usual to put the clubs back in the cars before visiting the “19th Hole”.

On one occasion, while golfers were enjoying a post-round drink, many of the cars in the car park were broken into & the clubs stolen. Because they were all hatchbacks, access to the boot area was easily gained via a break- in to the passenger compartment.

As it was obvious to the thieves that this wasn’t possible with the MX-5, no theft attempt was made to that car!

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Try miniature golf?


I have the soft top. I get the trolley in the boot and the clubs on the passenger seat. I have to put the roof down to get them in though then if necessary put the roof back up. Depends what trolley you have of course.

Thank you all for your amusing and helpful advise.
Why it is always so difficult combining interests with your partner? It now looks like the Audi TT might stay in the family for a while longer. On the upside I now get to keep both my MX5s. :+1:

Hi, I’m my ND RF I can fit a Gokart electric trolley in the boot and a huge Ping cart bag in the passenger seat with no problem with the roof up , or a small carry bag on the boot with the longer clubs in the cabin.

I have an ND soft top, and all types of bag go easily in the passenger side. My Clicgear trolley fits comfortably in the boot. There are two other members at my club with new rfs also. Fore!!

Hi Enjoyabull
the quick answer is no