Do we need crash helmets?

I assume I am right in thinking that crash helmets are not required to drive up hill at Prescott nut we do need to produce our driving licences.

My understanding is that crash helmets are not required on the hill climb.  I usually carry my plastic driving license card in my wallet - do we need the paper bit too?


 Am sure I read somwhere that helmets are “not” required but I cannot find it anywhere on the forum. Can anyone confirm please.

We’re traveling down tomorrow and only head gear we’ll have with us are woolly ones in case there’s a little too much wind in the hair on the motorway Big Smile.

Crash hats defo not requred, in fact not allowed as its not a competition day.  And in this thread;

its says we need to bring at least part of our driving licence,… 

There was a little bit of confusion early-on (see this thread) as to if the hillclimb runs were going to be for slow moving vehicles only or if members could be trusted to behave themselves and make a little bit of noise and spectacle during the runs - thankfully it is likely to have a little bit of both so should be fun to watch.Thumbs up

In the section for any questions about the rally i asked about the paper part of the licence - Iainf came back to me and cnfirmed that if you have the plastic one as well it’s fine as it’s not a competitive run up the hill

Safe trip to Glos., everyone

Looks like the weather’s going to be set fair ~ fingers crossed Thumbs up