Do you insure with Footman James?

Hope this is of use to anyone who insures with  Footman James.

" Do your members know that they may have either free track cover included (For a specific number of times each year) or can arrange single day additional track day cover by calling Footman James customer services?  It might save them money by checking this with customer services before the day.".

 Ah but does that cover the 'ring?

 As it says in their message, “ring them and ask” [:)]


When I took mine out they asked if I would be doing any track days, when I said probably they specificaly stated I wouldn’t be covered.

Is this a new service they have started offering?


  The info came from  Martyn I Raybould, Buisiness Development Executive at Footman James. I’m only passing it on.


You must have posted this as I was posting.[:$]


Good to know, I was just a bit surprised.






Sorry my replies are a little grumpy this morning, no offence meant [:)]

 I think its on the Club Scheme Classic policies you get this and you do have to ring them before hand, as I understand it, to ensure that the specific venue and the event will be covered.

 Typically this cover came with the old AON Classic Car policy, through Royal Sun Alliance (or who ever it was that was the underwriter)

I believe up to 4 events were covered per year. You do need to let FJ know ahead of time and various exclusions do apply. I believe you have to prove you have participated in track days before.

If you have not then this is a good time to “open that door” by booking some tuition as well with the qualified instructors. Although the website shows only two places per time slot throughout the day, we have several more places.


Oh and I think you are more likely to win the Lotery than this also covering the Ring.