Does my NC 3.5 SPT TECH have a LSD?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: _NC 3.5 2ltr 6 speed SPT TECH
  2. I’m based near: Worcester
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on:LSD

Stupid Q.
I believe my car has a LSD. Is this true? How do I tell?

It does, all 2 litre models have this.

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Brilliant Mike!
I knew it had, but was questioning my own sanity about how/why I’d know that!
I’m just off to change the LSD and gearbox oil.
Sad, only had the hood down twice this week and used it 3 times (it’s my daily drive…)!
I was even caught by a fellow owner that had his down! Just shook his head at me…
The roof was wet was my excuse. I feel ashamed.

Off to get me hands dirty…

Was told (especially if yours is a daily driver) change the diff oil as regular as the engine oil. I do mine every 2 years or after 10k miles.

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Having looked through the (fairly limited for it’s 100k life…) service history I can find no evidence of it ever being changed (I bought it last August with 97k on it).
I’m currently only doing about 100 mile/week, but I’m changing job soon and will be doing 300.
The engine oil and filter (I have history for this and it’s been every 12k ish) is also due, but I’m putting this off till next month.
Cheers for the info.

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Does the 1.8 Mark 3.75 have a LSD?

No, all 2ltrs do.:+1:

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Thanks Mick.