Does my NC have bluetooth?

Slightly off topic - I know my NC1 did not have bluetooth or hands free calling.

Best thing I did was scrap the OEM head unit and put a 7" touchscreen in it’s place.
Now I have - DAB radio, hands free calling, music streaming, music from sd card, android auto, apple carplay, torque app for vehicle info etc, reverse camera.

Quality on mine is surprisingly good , better than the cd player

I used a Bluetooth receiver in my NC2 with the audio output plugged in to the aux socket . The sound through the Bose system was pretty brilliant. You can pick these receivers up for about a tenner on EBay or Amazon , the one I used plugged straight in the power socket and it’s curly wire went into the aux socket so it was very neat. :sunglasses:

First opportunity to take some time to take a look and seems like there’s no Bluetooth module behind the glovebox.
Strange one, looks like it’s missing, seeing as there’s a spare plug for something…

The plug under the glovebox is something else entirely, mine has it, can’t remember what it’s for.
Does your head unit look like the one below, particularly the wording of Bose in the centre? Apparently these were Bluetooth enabled, the later 2 litre Sport Tech and Power shift.

late bose 6cd-3

Not quite the same, is that a US spec? As it shows Sirius button.

This is mine:

With the steering wheel button (that mutes when pressed rather than beep, which the handbook says it should):

Even has the microphone cut-out on the dash:

Just wondering if March 2011 PRHT is too early for BT, having the fascia but not the innards, so to speak.

EDIT: March 2011 PRHT Powershift

I’d say you have everything to have Bluetooth in your model/year car with the Bose unit. Question is, was it introduced later to the NC2, year specific when introduced?

I’ve got a 2010 PHRT Sport tech NC2 with BT.

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The plot thickens😄

Possibilities… something unplugged, phone not recognising the unit or (something I’m guilty at times) user error.:smile:

Need to find someone with an early 2011 PRHT Powershift to confirm!

I’ve ruled out user error, simply because I’m not even getting to the first stage to pairing phone. IE pressing the voice control button causes the radio to MUTE, which is what the handbook describes it should do for cars without BT. But in their case, the button states MUTE.

Real headscratcher this. I’m not fussed about BT, as plenty of workarounds as suggested, but it’s really bugging me🤔

Just need to locate the BT module, or empty space where it should be, to knock this one on the head and put me out of my wife’s misery. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish I could help more, my car had a Bose but it got swapped out. Pressing that SW button on mine just mutes the audio. I have the slots on the instrument binnacle too so much the same set up, mines a 64 plate though.
I had a self installed (but primitive) Bluetooth gizmo in my last 2007 NC that worked through the radio, too much faff though so went the whole hog of installing a head unit with navigation android auto etc.

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thanks Mick, the car is new to me so I’m sure there’ll be other questions to come!

Thanks to everyone above too for your help :+1: