Does Peter James Insurance allow modifications?

Hi, Im currently looking for insurance on my modified mx5 mk1. Does Peter James Insurance allow for modifications?

Why not just call them and ask, 1st hand is always more accurate than 2nd hand.


Try Howden, formally A plan insurance. If you deal with their main office they are very good with modified cars. I thinking I’ve used KGM via them for mine. Highly recommend

How much did your policy cost if you dont mind me asking?

I can’t remember exactly but started with a 2 :ok_hand: too many variables so won’t be relevant to anyone else ie my age, postcode, where it’s stored mileage use etc etc

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Yes they do.

Yes and they were really efficient.

What sort of mods did they cover and how much of an impact did it have on the price?

I was chatting to one of their staff at the Compton Verney rally about the likely impact on my premiums if I were to have the BBR super 200 conversion done to my standard 2.0 Mk3.5. He said around a 10 - 15% increase. As others have pointed out there will be a lot of variations depending on the individual circumstances. However, my take away was that they are quite receptive to insuring modded cars and the cost difference wouldn’t be prohibitive in most cases.

I renewed my fully comp cover with Peter James Insurance yesterday - £175.66 up from £173.23 last time. A bargain.
Rather than asking such a vague question Eunos141, ring 0121-506-6030 and ask them.

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£289 for me, wife and that’s for the BBR Super 200 on my 2012 NC Sport Tech. 58, full no claims, West Country

I just insured with Peter James. An agreed valuation, unlimited mileage and a great price. Very easy to deal with.

I was shocked that they wouldn’t insure me due to my postcode, hopefully a quick call and you’ll have better luck. They were quick to answer the phone and quite helpful.