Door speaker recommendations

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __NC (3.5)
  2. I’m based near: __Glasgow
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __Door speakers

It’s taken 18 months but I’ve decided to change the door speakers on my 2009 PRHT - it’s the standard version (non Bose) and the sound quality verges on tinny.

The recommended set on MX5parts are out of stock, so I need to look elsewhere. Budget is about £50 - ish.

Any recommendations? Also, is it best to disconnect the tweeters at the time of upgrade?


I fitted some JVCs I found on sale. I added some extra sound deadening inside the door and that was it. I’m pleased with the results and didn’t want to spend any more money. Speakers were about £30.

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As above I bought these below plus added sound deadening in the door cavity.

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That’s really helpful. Did you also disconnect the tweeters in the door panels?

No just changed the speakers for the above.:+1:

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Thanks. Will give it a try this week.

JVC6820 Google for best price.
They fit straight in.
Transfer the drip shields from the originals though.
You can get connecter converters (Ford) or cut and splice the new ones on. I did. Not going to use originals ever again so why not.
Just ensure you keep the correct polarity both sides.
I left the Tweeters in place with no adverse effects.

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Thanks, is that these things?

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Changed the speakers to the JVC set recommended above - took a bit longer than expected, but worth it for the huge improvement in sound. Even with the top down and travelling at motorway speeds, the stereo is now perfectly listenable - which was but the case with the original speakers. Thanks to all for the advice.

Have ordered a pair of the JVCs.
On the MX5 Parts website, there is a comment on not needing to cut the wiring because you can tease the terminals from the existing wiring/connectors or something along those lines.
Its not all that clear though. Can anyone help to illuminate??

I just cut the existing wires and crimped them to the new ones. Worked perfectly, and was pretty straightforward. I could have used block connectors, but just happened to have the crimps handy.

I didn’t add soundproofing to the doors but even without it the difference is really substantial - a real bargain.

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Have now fitted the JVCs.
As is always the case with these things, it took three times as long to do the first one as the second.
I used the Ford wiring adapters from Ebay, which made the job super simple as I didn’t have to even think about polarity. You do have to push the connector together very hard though, much harder than you’d expect.
I really struggled to get the first 3.5 style door pull off.
The second popped off really easily. I think its important not to use too big a screwdriver. A medium size worked much better than a large one…
The oem had sealing foam both where they clamp to the door insert and where they contact the door card.
The JVC ones had nothing and nothing was shown on the diagrams either.
This didn’t stop them from performing much better though.
Good investment.

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BTW, the JVCs seem to have been discontinued and MX5 parts do have some, so if you want some you’d better be quick.