Door to Window Glass Weatherstrip

Mk.2.5 Sport, 2004 - Door to Window Glass Weatherstrip:

Simply wanted to inquire if there are any potential issues associated with the removal of the old, existing and replacement with new rubbers?
Many thanks, in advance.

Can’t remember any specifics but, if it’s the same as the NA, it’s a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. :slight_smile:

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Hello Foolhandy,
I appreciate you taking time to reply, many thanks. I did remove the door cards on my NBFL, two years back, in order to apply an anti-corrosion sealer to the inner door skin. I remember looking at the Weatherstrip(s) at that time, but the detail now eludes me !
MX5 Parts list the Weatherstrips and also a Weatherstrip ‘clip’. I can’t recall if there is a single clip per side, or multiple ; can you remember, please? I guess MX5 Parts will have that information though.
Thanks again,

I did mine a couple of years ago. The new strips came with clips of which they are a few on each side. Use an old credit card or similar to ping the old ones out of place.

As Phoenix22 says, there are a few each side.

My weatherstrip was OK, it was the clips that had broken, so I bought 5 of them from MX-5 Parts. I chose to take the whole strip off though to check them all and the general condition of it. The unbroken clips I’d taken off went back on again without any problem. It seems that the replacement strips come with the clips, so between those and the old ones you should be OK. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how you feel about old vs new stuff but there are these on eBay for much less than new and they look OK.

Looking at those photos I’m reminded that at the front edge the strips are kept taught by a peg through a hole at the end of them, which fits into the bodywork. Be careful not to break that bit or lose the peg. Losing the peg isn’t the end of the world as I’m sure you could find a replacement object to stick in there to hold it, but breaking the hoops would be a pain. Those ones on eBay seem to have the hoops and one peg (you could easily reuse the pegs you already have.)

I said I couldn’t remember the specifics, and I really couldn’t, but looking up the bits it’s all coming back to me! Did it on an Eastern Region Tech Day a couple of years ago. :slight_smile:

Hello Phoenix22,

Many thanks for your help on this; greatly appreciated. Sounds like I should order a few additional clips, on a just in case basis.
I have good mechanical competence , so it sounds like the task should be quite straightforward.
Thank once again.


Hello foolhandy,
Again, many thanks for the additional information.
I’ve had my MX for 16 years, which I bought from new, so really want to look after it. For that reason, I always go for genuine parts.
On the basis that the weatherstrips come with some? clips, then I’ll order a few spares, just to be on the safe side.
I value that comment concerning the pegs and location in the w/strip. I did a motor vehicle apprenticeship, (almost half a century ago!) but I was employed at a world renowned , race engine design and manufacturing company, for 37 years, so I understand both precision and attention to detail, so hopefully the task should not be beyond me. However, omelettes and eggs, etc.!
Many thanks, once again,