Double Din Head Unit recommendations

  1. My model of MX-5 is: NC 2007
  2. I’m based near: Telford, Shropshire
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Double Din Head Unit

Hi All,

We have recently bought an immaculate (for its age) 1.8 2007 in red it has only covered 32,000 miles, no expense has been spared and it really drives and looks like a fairly new car!
We are very please with it.

We want to enjoy the latest ICE. It is not our main car but finding it difficult to manage without bluetooth phone capability, android auto apple car play (both ideally wireless) . Can anyone make recommendtaions for a head unit please and advise on good fitters, not a job I wish to do myself.

Happy to travel within 50 mile radius of Telford so Shropshire, Cheshire, Birmingham, Manchester Liverpool area.

Additionally where and how does the DAB arial fit, any pictures of what it looks like fitted would also be appriciated. Thank you.

Hope you get good info as I’m interested too.

Can’t help with your immediate request but as a short term interim solution whilst I save up for a double din unit I’m using one of these to play my phone through the existing stereo:

Works reasonably well and size,shape etc is fairly discrete.

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I also use a similar module in my NC, probably wont bother with replacing thr bose head unit as it works so well.

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There are a few threads on this and related subjects if you have a trawl through ( I have made some contributions).

I have fitted a Pioneer AVH-Z5200dab Head unit, AVH-Z5200DAB - Car Multimedia Receivers | Pioneer Kinetic DRA6003 powered DAB antenna and JVC Door speakers Car speakers CS-J6820 • JVC U.K. to my 2007 NC, I also replaced the ridiculous centre console cup holders and fitted a storage space which houses a USB socket so I can power my phone and connect to the head unit.

now have better radio via DAB+, Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Bluetooth audio and hands free. The steering wheel controls also still operate via a plug-in interface module.

It did involve a bit of time and work to install, however the results were well worth it.

Although i don’t live there any more I originate from Wrockwardine Wood, Telford and visit regularly.

Edit to add:

I also removed the rear speaker mounting assy which needs a bit of modification to fit my intended ‘upgrade’ speakers. However not got round to it yet and can’t honestly say that I miss them, i don’t think they contribute much to the overall sound, so this is a back burner side project now.


Hi kwikphix328,
I am also looking at fitting the Pioneer AVH-Z520, should have done it mid year when the price was lower. Not much stock around but will wait until Black Friday to see if there is a deal. Anyway, where did you get yours from?
Also interested in the Kinetic DAB Antenna. Questions, where you able to use the existing coax for FM? Plus did you buy the DAB lead from dabon?. My car is a Mk3.5 Coupe. I assume I have the same existing powered aerial as yourself. If so di you just swap over the power lead?
Regards Glenn

As above, search for precious threads, lots of info in here about this.

Having been there and done that I have a Pioneer (think it is an spadh250dab) and have a couple of observations about it:
It is full depth, others are physically smaller which would make fitting easier.
It takes an age to boot up, and this is a pain if you are using satnav through your phone and you switch the car off. Got to boot, then reconnect, and by then you are half a mile down the road.

I would probably not buy this model again because of this.

Hi All

Quick note to say thank you for everyone’s advice. I’m working nights at the moment so crazy busy in the run up to Christmas will post a comprehensive update on what I have done when time allows!

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