Downloads not working?


Just tried to download a ‘how to’ guide but not happening. Appear to get a download not available type file.

Hiya, i believe you need to be a full member to access the downloads?


I am a full member?

Oh :thinking: not according to your profile, shouldn’t you have a tick alongside your pic at the top of your post?


Just a thought, if you are a paid up member, and this happened to me, you might need to log out completely and then log back in again for it to refresh properly.


Will try it, thanks

You are a forum only member not a paid up Club member which would give you full forum access

Hi, That is very odd. I’ve just paid my membership and got a number to prove it. Cannot access some of the content either.

My profile says club member so is there a delayed permission problem ?

I guess the log out/log in thing worked then! You are indeed showing as a full member. Have you tried the download section again? One for admin to help with if you still can not access the various sections.


Logging off and on updated your profile, you can now enjoy the full forum

Hi, Thanks, still getting a download not available issue on; ‘How to clear roof drain tubes NA (MKI) & NB (MKII)’. Cheerd

Same issue for me on same file; “Sorry! Download is not available yet.”

Think the issue is specific to that PDF as if I download the bulletin re water ingress on a Mk3 (scuttle grommets…) the download works a treat.

I’ll look into that download this evening.


Hopefully it should be working now.

I tried to download the Fitting of Fog Lights to a NC earlier today and got the same message. This was on a Samsung tablet so was going to try again but using a Macbook to see if it was just a tablet issue.

Just to confirm that I am getting the same message “Sorry! Download is not available yet.” on my Macbook.


OK, that must have gone AWOL too, I’ll look into it.