This morning I had some stuff to deliver to a customer so being a pleasant morning I lowered the hood and set off for a pleasant pootle round the lanes.

Tonight is the meet of the West Suffolk Motorsport Club so I parked MiXi in the drive ready for drive out tonight, leaving the hood down.

I sat eating my spag bol for tea and glanced out of the window to see it persistently raining. (polite description)


Dashed out to put the hood up to find the car swamped. Even the recesses in front of the window switches were level full.

Assuming the sun comes out tomorrow do I drive it around with the heater on full ? Or drop the hood and let the sun do the work ?


Good job I have a works car otherwise it would be a wet botty time.



Roof down and try and let the sun do the work.

With the roof up and heaters on, all you’ll do is create condensation, which will then work it’s way in to electronics etc.

Evaporation is the way to go.

Maybe even try to wet vac some out of the carpets if it’s that bad.


Yes, that makes sense.

All you really need is some lovely hot summer weather to do the job.  You might be lucky in Suffolk today Paul - good luck.

Id pop in a few cheap caravan type chuck-away silicon dehumidifiers, and newspapers on the carpets as well Paul…after the worst is over. 

Where i live is very agricultural and in dry spells the road out of the village has land with the revolving irrigation stuff that gets water all over the road as well. I have to slow down and chase the water up the road to stop getting soaked and as its pumped out of nearby stream can make a right mess of dark shiney paintwork 

I’m glad I kept my roof up for this drive or I might have got drenched - (at about 20 seconds in)


Yesterday Mixi sat in full sun with the top open a few inches. Today I had a trip to the diabetic clinic so it was top up, windows half open and heater on.

Its dried out nicely with no water marks on the leather or any other problems. The cup holder was still awash but at least that means if I spill my tea I can mop out at my leisure.  


Its raining again now but I have remembered to shut the hood.



Paul G