Drive-in air show

Just wondering, is anyone going to the drive-in air show at Shuttleworth on the 18th July?

Hi Martin just booked it after reading your post! Thanks for the heads up, looks like it’s going to be well run covid wise.
Regards Dave

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Enjoy the show guys. £60 is a bit steep for my pocket unfortunately but I hope the weather is glorious for the show.



I tlooks like they have run out of regular spaces. The £60 ones are for big vehicles. The good point is that they are charging per vehicle, so as many as can fit in your car can get in.

I paid £50 for a ticket a few days ago, and while it is around double what I am used to paying I am aware that like many such organisations they will be desperate for money in the present circumstances so I don’t mind supporting them this once.

Apart from that, I have had very little to spend recreation money on for the past 3 months, so am still in credit.

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Ditto I agree, first I thought it a bit steep then thought how much I haven’t spent in the pub and restaurants, going to see bands etc. plus it’s the first day of my lovely ladies retirement, I know how to show a gal s good time lol. Thanks for wishing us good weather Guy.


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Thanks for the explanation. I thought the space size was allocated for social distancing measures but now I understand why it is a bit more expensive.
I would love to support them and agree that it’s an opportunity to spend our unspent furlough money so I applaud you for doing so.
Your efforts will help sustain the site so we can all enjoy it in the future.
Have a great time and please take a few photos of the event if you can.

The air show was very enjoyable. I took the scenic route via Derbyshire Peak Forest, picked up the A1 at Newark.

Called into Cardington on the way down.


Hi yes it was a good show well organised and buckets of space, the second clipped wing Spit is not so attractive in my opinion but still a great sight and sound though. I have been out a few times since lockdown easing followed the rules etc but can’t help feeling things feel a bit ‘flat’ is it just me? Was Cardington open as such ?
Ps the proms evening in a few weeks sounds good can’t find details though.

I didn’t try to get access to the hangars, just took pictures outside. Not sure whether there is any public access?

I looked up the proms night at Old Warden on August 15, it was £120 per car !! Too much for 3or 4 hours for us, will wait till it’s a sensible price again. A friend paid £75 for 2 tickets before Covid19 + £50 for 3 nights camping.

That’s definitely too expensive

Good to hear that the show went well and glad that you enjoyed yourselves.
The Cardington photos are cool. Huge hangars and a place I’d like to visit.