Drive Suggestions to fill the Gap - 3rd July

So MX-5 Breakfast Club 3rd July - British Motor Museum finishes as 2 PM and Sunset and Shine at Caffeine & Machine 3rd July starts at 7:30 PM…

Does anyone have any routes or other suggestion to occupy the 5 and a half hours in between?

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I’m not local with the area but I know there are some great backroads around there. I am going to Caffiene and Machine on Wednesday 7th for Daikoku nights so let me know if you find any nice routes or spots!

We (South West Midlands OC) did a good route in the area (starting and finishing at C&M), its about 46 miles and takes 1h 30 without stops, it passes close by some good places eg
Castle Pub / Restaurant at Edgehill with fantastic views over the escarpment

Upton House National Trust

Burton Dassett Country Park

You can download step by step instructions here:


Thank you very much! Added a bit extra to the start and finish to extend the drive length, now getting a bite to eat before heading over :slightly_smiling_face: