DRIVEN - An Elegy to Cars, Roads and Motorsport

…is the the title of my third book, but the first on this subject . It is published on Friday by Veloce . The book is a big read and includes motoring autobiography , adventures with Sevens and reflections on Formula One and NASCAR . And about 40% is devoted to the year in UK motorsport - in 2017/18 I attended 20plus events from grass track to drag racing , circuit racing to vintage trials and hillclimbs to banger racing . I interview lots of people , from former F1 drivers to teenage dragster drivers and from amateur weekend warriors to pro racers and also one Guy Martin…

Not much MX 5 content . some passing references only.  But you can read about the unsung hero that is the NSU Ro80 and a discourse on the relevance of French cheese to Ferrari . Really… 

Yes , of course this is an ad in plain sight . Guilty. But as the book already owes me 900 hours plus of time , 6000 miles driving  and many nights away  and nooidy makes money from books except JK Rowling I hope you will forgive me . 

Details on Amazon, Veloce website, and my own     



Copy ordered



Good man - I hope you enjoy the read .

For various reasons, I’ve only just got around to reading “Driven” and I have to say that it’s a must-read for any petrolhead.
The type of book I would have liked to write - if I had the talent!

Just ordered a copy.

Good man; and I’m glad you enjoyed the read Darryl . There are now various reviews on Amazon , and if anybody wants more detail, has an in depth review .