Drops out of 3rd gear into neutral without clutch - is this ok?!

Hi all

I have a 2014 Mk3 2l Sport tech MX5 and noticed today I can just pop it easily with two fingers from 3rd into neutral without pressing the clutch at all. Guessing / hoping it’s no big deal - but is this normal?!


If you’ve ever driven a car without a working clutch then yes it can be done, it’s just getting it back in gear that’s the problem.:grin:

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Without any load going through the gearbox, either under acceleration or engine braking, you may find that you can easily change from any gear into neutral without depressing the clutch pedal. Advancing from this, on manual gearbox cars I’ve owned, with careful practice it’s always been possible to go up and down the full range of forward gears without use of the clutch at all. Just a matter of balancing the engine speed to the next gear ratio as one changes up or down. Comes in handy if the clutch release mechanism ever packs up, to avoid being stranded.



Makes me feel better :slight_smile: Thanks both