Drying aid and quick detailer

I want a drying aid I can apply to a wet car that provides dust repellancy/anti-static, some gloss enhancement and a bit of additional protection to last a couple of weeks, plan to use it on every wash so needs to be economical. Must be easy to work with and not prone to streaking, I’m lazy and cackhanded! My LSP is Collinite 845 (it’s somewhere between a wax and a sealant) so it needs to play nice with that.

Don’t want cupboards full of half or rarely used products so ideally it doubles up as a quick detailer for spot cleans, although this is a secondary use. I’ve read quite a bit and have a list of products, could anyone help narrow it down or suggest something better? Am I trying to find a unicorn?

Britemax Spray & Shine
Finish Kare FK425
Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer(BSD) - apparently a bit grabby for drying use
TAC Shinee wax - not sure this can go on a wet car, seems more of a post dry spray wax to last months?
Garage Therapy Two Quick Detailer

I’ve got Cquartz UK ceramic coating on my cars, so I wash them with CarPro Reset wash and then finish with the spray detailer, wet or dry, CarPro Reload.
Works well on my finish, love using it wet.

Not sure how Collinite will react to a silicon sealant on top, might go sticky.

Could be worth getting some testers to try.

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I don’t claim to be an expert, I am too lazy to have spotless cars all the time, but I love this stuff:

On a damp spotted post-washed car, this stuff on a microfiber cloth is a drying aid and leaves an excellent finish. As easy to apply as wiping, no buffing needed. I think it is possible to spray it on, leave a puddle of it and have is set in the sun, but you need to be a special kind of stupid (or very unlucky) to have any problems with it. Bottle lasts for ages too.