Dubbin on NC soft top

  1. My model of MX-5 is: NC
  2. I’m based near: Derby
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: the use of dubbin on my soft top

I was recently recommended to use dubbin on a much loved but worse for wear pair of shoes. It occurred to me that in my teenage years in the army cadets that we put dubbin on tents and other equipment to preserve and waterproof it and was wondering if this would work on my NC soft top. I had a look online and nothing came up saying yes or no. Any advice?

Simply no.

I use it on boots/shoes, handbags (not mine understand) and basically anything leather.
The mohair roof has fibres so it will be like rubbing it in a velvet jacket, would you?

Some have said why waterproof a mohair roof, a good clean is all it needs. Well me and others have used Fabsil, that’s used on tents/canvas and such materials.

I would give dubbin a go on a vinyl roof mind, won’t do any harm.

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It would look like a Barbour Waxed jacket :crazy_face:

Cheers for this

Not sure that’s a bad thing. Always think the faded roof is the worse thing about the car

Put some yacht varnish on it.

Renovo sell a complete renovating kit. Re-colour and sealing kit, if that is what’s needed?

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I wouldn’t use it myself, you’ll get a waxy build up you won’t be able to remove.
There are plenty of more suitable products, Renovo, Autoglym hood cleaner and protectant to name a few.
You don’t need to waterproof it, there is a thick rubber layer underneath, the mohair is there to look nice and soak up surface water, so it doesn’t bead off into the car when you open the door.

Dubbin as in the dubbin for horse back saddles and for shoes made of crazy horse leather?
I can’t imagine the hood’s fabric absorbing much of it, so you would only end up with lots of dirt sticking to your hood.
I use dubbin on some Doc Marten’s and I have to be careful not to overspread it on the cotton stitches for that very reason.

Will end up a tacky mess, reminds of the poor lad who painted the complete engine bay of I think it was a Saxo with non setting black underseal.


Thanks for this. I have tried a few things but the roof still looks a bit tired. I will give this a go and avoid making the lid sticky. Cheers

I wouldn’t use dubbin. I would try THIS first

If it’s just looking a bit grubby then a canvas dye works well.