2016 Duxford Classic Car show is back on the 1st May 2016

The Eastern region who have successfully organised the club display in the past have asked us to take over the reins for this year, we will endeavour to live up to their high standards to have a significant attendance at this early season event.

For those who have never attended before, this is a fantastic early summer Classic Car show with many varied Car Clubs all in attendance. We have arranged for at least 50 MX-5’s to be on display (numbers might change dependant on take up). Entry is £10 per person and £5 for children, this also gives you access to all parts of the museum, a great saving over the standard price for entry to the museum alone.

We will do our best to live up to the E.R. sunshine standards, last year saw heavy rain in the morning as we set out on the journey, but once at Duxford the sun came out and we had a splendid day.

We would welcome members from all areas who are interested, Duxford is an easy venue to reach and close to many regions.

The format will be the same as in previous years.

  • Please follow the yellow signage ‘Car Clubs’ provided along the A505 outside IWM Duxford as these will direct you to Gate 1 (nearest Royston).
  • If You follow a SatNav and use CB22 4QR it may direct you to our Staff entrance but please follow the yellow signs.
  • The gate will open at 9.30am and a traffic marshal will be situated on the entrance.
  • Once on site marshals will direct you to your club area. If you could be clear with your club name it helps them as we often have clubs with similar cars or sounding names.
  • Those of you bringing along a banner, gazebo, I have sent Duxford a copy of our Public Liability Insurance.
Please can you let me know if you are interested  

I will add names to the list as people confirm anticipated attendance, already a lot of interest so a big thanks to everyone, please let me know if the car and occupant details are incorrect.

List will not be updated now.

pjr               1 car—2 peeps.       Sue/Irvin         1 car—2 peeps.       Ste                1 car—2 peeps.         Safrican            1 car—2 peeps.

smartalec      1 car—2 peeps.       Ned1              1 car—2 peeps.       Jaguarjack        1 car—2 peeps.         Bannedbiker      1 car—2 peeps.

John8134        1 car—2 peeps.       Jpg                 1 car—2 peeps.    Jgg                  1 car—2 peeps.        Cambridge         1 car—1 peep ;).       

Jan French     1 car—2 peeps.       shieldsy          1 car—2 peeps.       Bigdmf            2 car—4 peeps.         andjo               1 car—2 peeps.

Holtman        1 car—2 peeps.       Paul Beeby      1 car—2 peeps.      Tigs                 1 car—2 peeps.         johnsboi           2 cars—3-4 peeps.

The meds      1 car—2 peeps.       Ray & Val        1 car—2 peeps.       dgt                 1 car—2 peeps.         Clive&Jan         1 car—2 peeps.

pj                1 car—2 peeps.       Pondlife1969     1 car—2 peeps.       wattie             1 car—2 peeps.          Les                1 car—1 peep :slight_smile:

Back in black  1 car—1.5 peeps.     KnifeySpoony   1 car—2 peeps.       fjohnw            1 car—2 peeps.          Paulsha           1 car—2 peeps.

Colin001        1 car—2 peeps.       RobCC             1 car—2 peeps.       Johng             1 car—2 peeps.         mazdared         1 car—1 peep :slight_smile:

montymaster   1 car—2 peeps.     DebP                1car—2 peeps.        JollyJenkins     1 car—1 peep :slight_smile:        huddypete        1 car—2 peeps.

BrianP           1 car—2 peeps.      Diskawrs           1 car—2 peeps.       vin rouge        1 car—2 peeps.         Paul+1             1 car—2 peeps.

Richard B       1 car—2 peeps.      Stu&Sam           1 car—2 peeps.      Mike g            1 car—2 peeps.         Paul H             1 car—2 peeps.

Slappy           1 car—2 peeps.      bazza               1 car 1 peep :slight_smile:        Sparky123       1 car—2 peeps.         Longfellow15     1 car—2 peeps.

MattX5          1 car—2 peeps.      Annamx5           1 car—2 peeps.      5umo              1 car—2 peeps.         v-special          1 car—2 peeps.

Tony&Carol     1 car—2 peeps.      jgg           another car—2 peeps.      Jim&Caz          1 car—2 peeps.        Charlieboy         1 car—2 peeps.

DAVID TURNER 1 car—2 peeps.    petermac            1 car—1-2 peeps.   Leek               1 car—2 peeps.        Fiona                1 car—1 peep :slight_smile:

TDA                 1 car—2 peeps.     MaX5 Essex       1 car—1 peep :slight_smile:      Maroon Mica   1 car—2 peeps.       kuro Ninja            1 car—2 peeps.

hatson             1 car—2 peeps.    pearlman          1 car—1 peep :).     Paul Cowie.       1 car—1 peep :slight_smile:     MarcusWard         1 car—1 peep :slight_smile:

grey5               1 car—2 peeps.    SL5er              1 car—1 peep :slight_smile:      graygray          1 car—2 peeps.        Markcaz77          1 car—2 peeps.

Sandboy42        1 car—2 peeps.     famous5          1 car—2 peeps.       AndrewMK        1 car—2 peeps.       Triumph1            1 car—2 peeps.

Jon_H              1 car—2 peeps.    graham/jackie   1 car—2 peeps.       kevw68            1 car—2 peeps.        jetmech             1 car—2 peeps.

Merlin54           1 car—2 peeps.    stickyfingers      1 car—2 peeps.      steved59           1 car—2 peeps.       becky                 1 car—1 peep :slight_smile:

Phil n Ev           1 car—2 peeps.    Bathonian         1 car—1 peep ;).    Sonninator        1 car—1 peep ;).      JollyJenkins         1 car—1 peep :wink:

George             1 car—2 peeps.    MartinB            1 car—2 peeps.      johndavidson     1 car—1 peep ;).      Hardtop              1 car—2 peeps :). 

IanElliott.          1 car—2 peeps    Tommy2sheds    1 car—2 peeps   brianpng.     1 car—2 peeps               Madmitch2         1 car—2 peeps.   

Tish another event I’l miss dont get back to uk till may 2

Would be interested in going, suspect if he’s down my dad would be interested too


Will be there,

Thank You.

Safrican,   (Tony and Karin) Member No 70338 


Tony & Sandra. 



Sounds good to me


Count me in please


One more to add to the list please.


We had a great time last year so two more here please,

Tim and Elaine 


Liz and I had a great time last year so we’re up for it again.

Put us down for one car-two people.



Pease put me and Pauline down for the day


I think you have to put your name down on the Milton Keynes and Chilterns page, here’s a link.


Hope this helps,



Put me down ??

 I’m in me + 1

Duxford is always great
One car 2 people please
Kev and Sue

We had a great time last year so can you put us down please? One car, two people. 


David and Kirsty  



Please can you add 1 more car - 2 peeps to the list 


Andy and Jo


 Could you please put me down for 1 car 2 Peep 

Cheers Gary

Hi Peter

please add our car and two people

Paul and Jane