Hi guys.

Been trying to SORN my 5 for a few months until it warms up a bit in the summer as I did last year ! Only problem is the online DVLA service won’t acknowledge the 16 digit number on the V11 or the 11 digit on the V5C document tried it numerous times so I’me sure I am typing in the correct numbers ! 

I taxed it for 12 months as wasn’t sure when I would take it off the road.

Their is a phone number (fully automated ) and its the same their What am I doing wrong… any Ideas much appreciated please

I went to the local post office and their answer was its all been taken out of our hands you have to do it online.


Steve, I suggest you phone the DVLA help line asap.

We had the opposite problem with a car my wife bought in the last week of November. When we tried to tax it the online system didn’t allow it and the post office system couldn’t tax it either. We rang DVLA only to be told we had to apply by post and it took five weeks for them to tax it. In the mean time we couldn’t drive it until the first week of January due to no tax and we then discovered the cheeky blighters had back dated the tax to the beginning of December.

I did mine last October, all good and received a refund of tax around 10 days later.

I can’t help any further, it seems an easy process, have you tried a different browser or device maybe a glitch there?

Assuming MOT etc is in order?

Thanks Guys finally managed to speak to someone at DVLA  

Apparently the 16 digit number on the V11 is out of date its lasts years I can only use the 11 digit on the V5C ( although I thought I did this last month) 

Will try it on the 31st be four 7pm and I am told that number will work for the online service to…

Will see what happens…