E-mail from Mazda Uk

Just had an e-mail from Mazda Uk encouraging me to visit the National Rally and join the owners club !

Well done them… 

isn’t it amazing how these things just ‘happen’.

Sounds like a blinding bit of marketing by the club. Congrats to whoever came up with the idea and whoever pulled it off.

At least somebody is reading your e-mails !


Hopefully it is also going out to a few who aren’t already Owners Club members and don’t already have the National Rally in their diary:-)  

@rhino666 - Yes it is, I’m not and I didn’t know about this but now that I do I am hoping to attend. I am still contemplating the pros and cons of becoming an OC member.

Your not made of money paulcroft!!! £39.50 if you have not budgeted for it this year is a big ask after all.

Maybe next year!!!


Well Paul, if you are aiming to attend the National Rally, pros are free entry and parking for a good start:-) 


it’s taken a long time, many conversations and persistence to bring the benefits of the community of the Club to Mazda‘s consciousness, but incrementally feel like I’m getting there, managed to get a feature in Zoom Zoom magazone last year, been working through the dealership network for various geographic promotions and this email went out to all new MX-5 customers from this year and new Mazda owners from the past 4 months. 

finalising Mazda’s attendance at the Rally today and what that’s going to look like for Ragley, linking in later to Mazda US on some discussion for 2019 joint activity for the Rally next year and in dialogue to get the Social team from Friends of MX-5 over to the Rally too

all positive! 


Well done Iain!  Your hard work is much appreciated!

Good work Iain - thank you.

Sometimes it not said enough…

Good work Iain - thank you for your time in making this OC work.



Good work Iain

Well done Iain. I’m sure it’s not easy getting Mazda to become involved with and listen to its community. It should be but I’m damn sure it isn’t.

Perhaps you could now try to convince them to actually ask us what we would want the car to have. We might then have got a glove box! Heh that could even ask us if we would like some ‘different’ colours… Getting Mazda UK on board is probably achievable but that is probably a step to far for Mazda…

Very good news iain. As they say “ a journey starts with a first step” But new colours and a glove box would be ace!



Agree with the need for an improved colour choice, not worried about the other item, never used the one in any of my cars in my motoring life.

I will not buy a Mk4 until they produce one in a decent blue colour.

I’m seriously considering a Fiat Spyder just for that reason

Agreed Countryboy. Tbh I’m not that bothered either as I never carry much in the car either.

The point is loads of people aren’t like us and do. So at what point, during Mazda’s research, did they say you know what the majority of car owners don’t really want a glovebox. It makes no sense just like the lack of colours.

I’m pretty much in March’s stable I’m unlikely to consider a Mk4.