E10 New Fuel Megathread [Consolidated for all E10 discussion]

That’s what I would have predicted until Mx5argie1 showed us the example of Germany. When both fuels were available side-by-side at the pumps some people just chose the cheap one regardless but others wanted to know what the difference is. When customers learned that they’ll just use more of it and gain nothing they didn’t buy it. It seems likely there will be a repeat here of what happened there and it’ll only get a small portion of the market. A few press scare stories about needing more frequent oil changes or old cars being incompatible will probably be enough to poison public opinion against the stuff.

When E5 petrol arrived at our pumps, people just filled up with it as normal because there wasn’t clear publicity and labelling. Most customers didn’t know they were using E5. That seems unlikely to happen with E10 as we have clear labelling now.

I have a 1996 Mk1 Gleneagles (1.8) which I have owned from new and which nowadays comes out on dry, sunny, days - that is to say, not very often! I read the Ethanol article in the club magazine a couple of issues ago and being concerned to protect and preserve the engine have been doing some research but with inconclusive results. The magazine article quotes Mazda as saying models introduced from 2002 should be okay when E10 fuel is introduced. The website for Dynolite (recommended in the magazine) recommends the product for vehicles up to 1990. My MX5 falls bang in the middle, so I rang the Mazda dealership for guidance but that was a waste of time. I have read the forum postings.

Can anyone offer guidance on whether or not I should use additives please? I already use 97 octane fuel and my annual mileage is so low that I will not be troubled at extra expense if recommended.

Many thanks.

My understanding from a number of press and magazine articles is that 99 octane petrol as E5 will be available - i.e. the “Super” brands currently on sale will continue with a 5% ethanol mix.

Here is the UKG statement on E5 / E10 (my highlighting for E5)

Consultation description
Consultation proposing on introducing E10 petrol for UK vehicles.

Unleaded petrol currently contains up to 5% bioethanol, a grade known as E5, whereas E10 petrol contains up to 10% bioethanol and is not currently available.

This consultation is:

proposing introducing E10 petrol as the 95 octane “Premium” grade
proposing ensuring the ongoing availability of E5 petrol in the higher octane “Super” grade only
proposing amending the mandatory labelling of E10 petrol
launching a call for evidence on future transport biofuels policy

The way I read that, if you want E5 then it will only be available in “Super” grade.
It doesn’t say that ALL “Super” grade will remain E5

Is that how you read it?

I read it as all Super will be E5…

I think the key word is ‘ensuring’ (i.e. ‘to make certain’) rather than something more discretionary like ‘permitting’.

I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a petrol available in the UK that is completely free from Ethanol. Even V-Power has it in these days.

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Hi Guys,

I have an MK2.5, I read “Mazda as saying models introduced from 2002 should be okay when E10 fuel is introduced.” to mean model lines introduced since 2002 rather than models already in production or engines built after 2002 is that right of has there been no confirmation from Mazda on this?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 2002
  2. I’m based near: Brighton
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: _Fuel

I have seen publicity about the upcoming changes to 95 Octane petrol from Spec E5 to Spec E 10, and it susggested that certain models of MX 5 will not be able to run on E10 for any extended period due to the higher plant ethanol content. So 2 Questions:

a) Will this affect a 2002 model MX5 ?
b) What should I do about it if so ? I have heard that one could use 97 Octane fuel at a higher price, but this is not universally available around my area.



Just use “super” which will remain E5 or Esso Super which, in most of the country, is Methanol free (E0).

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Using E5 or Esso Super is the pragmatic solution but it would be nice to know the answer as I have a 2001 Mk2.5 S-VT 1.8i Sport which I suspect will be affected.

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There is a post somewhere on the site (and there are a LOT of posts on this subject!) that gives the Mazda response on engine model numbers. But a search found these posts which may help. Maybe a “sticky” post should be made and combine the (? definitive?) answer???

E10 post

Seems to infer NC onwards…

Will my 1991 MX5 Eunos work on E10 petrol???

Yes, until the Ethanol does unmentionable damage to various bits of the engine.
There’s an update from Roadster Robbie in the February STHT.
Options are switch to Super Unleaded (E5) or use additives…

I don’t do a terrific amount of miles per year and will continue to fill up with super unleaded, Shell Vmax, recommended by an mot tester a good while back who also advised to avoid supermarket fuel.

Okay here we go.
May I ask why he said that?
It’s type approved and refined in the same places as the known brands.
I’ve used it probably for around the last 40 years or so and still do.


Some of the super markets fuel is ■■■■ just like retail paint is. Trade is far better.

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Please quantify?
As an example Sainsburys have a deal with BP so is BP rubbish?

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Branded petrol has more additives in like friction modifiers and detergents but as you say they come from the same place originally (The refinery) its just the supermarkets fuels will be the bare minimum where as the branded fuel goes that extra mile
So there is a difference but its up to the individual to decide if its worth it to them .