Early birds coming to Warwickshire

Listening to the travel alerts anyone looking to come via the M40 today i would suggest going the long way around.  It’s been closed in the northern section for hours and will be for a long while yet,  judging from what’s been said. Even if you’re coming from the East, South East, North East i would look for a way to come from the West

and keep your Waze activated. Don’t have Waze? check it out! 


Have journeys everyone! Cool

For those coming from the east, the A422 is closed just west of Farthinghoe and will remain so indefinitely due to an unsafe bridge. 

Google maps should also cater for the closures or delays if necessary (Google bought Waze a while back)

Got caught by the M40 closure taking some friends to Warwick Parkway around 9am. I was already going the back way via Norton Lindsey, because I don’t trust the A46, but it was affecting traffic out to the A3400. Google Maps helped a bit, but 30 min journey still took an hour.