Easing Measures regards Covid 19

Hello members,
I have just read Iain Fleming’s email dated 23rd June and want to share with you some of its content regards where the Owners Club stands with current policy regards running events/meets/socials.


As expected there has been announced today some changes to the social and personal distancing measures in England from 4th July, this should hopefully enable many parts of society to cautiously reopen.

I am sure there are lots of members who will be keen to get out driving and meet up again, however that will also be balanced by many who will also remain more cautious, we also still need to consider the different lockdown measures in England from the rest of the UK. It also remains clear that the virus is very much still with us and looks set to be for some time, how this will effect daily lives remains to be seen but right now as these measures are announced thousands are still testing positive every day and our vigilance has to remain, the virus has not gone away.

Right now I am still waiting on some further details on the complexities of group meetings to be published and what this may mean in restarting some Club activities, though it does still seem restricted to only two households. A guide on that will follow just as soon as is possible. Please hang on until we have this guidance before starting to arrange or promote any Club events/meets. For the moment we are still working to a postponement of all physical activities/events/meets and I hope to be able to advise you of change to this as soon as possible.


I know a lot of you probably want to get out and about in the fives and meet with your fellow club members. However all I ask of you is that you wait a little longer until Iain Fleming has clearer guidance to share with us all.

Jim Keeley Joint AC North West Midlands