Easter Sale--Fill your bonnets

MX5 Parts & Spares for Mazda, Miata, Eunos & Roadster :heart:

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It must be Easter time, if there’s an MX5 Parts sale on!


Am I missing something? How do I apply the discount?

Everything is reduced by 10%, no code required.:+1:

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Ah, I already had stuff in my basket so did see the price reduction.

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Wanted a pair of Denso wipers - out of stock :frowning:

I fitted a pair of wiper blades on our Qashqai last year which are great. Branded as ‘Blades’ from an eBay shop trading as ‘Car Wipers’. They are described as hybrid blades. Can’t fault them. No smear, judder or noise. £9.99 a pair.


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Thanks. My car is almost 2 years old and the original wipers aren’t too bad yet, but I can tell they are just starting to go off… they’ve been used a lot recently!

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MazSpec has 15% off too.

Halfords have a stackable 10% off online and a sale on.

Just a note to say Halfords stackable 10% saving ends today. Managed to swag a healthy little saving by applying that to another code after leaving things in my basket for 24 hours. :grin:

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