Eastern area group run to Brooklands.

Hi All,

I was asked last night at the Cambs meet if there would be a group run down to Brooklands on the Sunday from members in the Eastern area or members that would be passing our way from other areas. If anybody wants to drive down to Brooklands in a group, please can you let me know on here and then we can find a suitable place to all meet up, thanks.


Hi Brian,
Sorry could not make tues meeting.
The public liability form has been sent off,and other forms to Hunstanton for the July meet on the green July 6th.
Jackie Graham and Steve and perhaps a none member will be going to brooklands on the sun ,what time and where to meet.
Would like to get there when it opens as there is a lot to see.

Yours sincerely,

Steve B.

Hi Steve,

just put your times and where you are going to meet and anyone else who wants to come down in a convoy will meet with you mate. We are going down on Saturday hence why i put this up.