Eastern Region Monthly Meet - Wednesday August 5th (Bury, Suffolk)

Good afternoon everyone !! How are we all doing?

Assuming a couple of things such as, the pubs are still open and we are allowed relatively near each other I assume the Suffolk monthly meet will be on again as of the 5th August?

If it’s all systems go, then who’s up for meeting up at the Beacon Hill services beforehand (Junction of the A14/A140) for a ‘spirited’ drive over to The Manger just like the old days?

It’ll be good to stretch the legs on the NC with everyone.

as it stands Ady we are still trying to work our way through the guidance to see if it’s permitted for the Club to undertake a formal meet. Mean time, as you refer, do we know the Manger is going to re-open? If it is, and if we can run a meet, then at very least we should check with them that they are happy to receive a Club meet. Watch this space I think.