Ebay 20% off everything - until 6.00pm today only

I have received a 20% off everything voucher on one of my accounts - PNY2018

This was not previously announced as is usual with these so check your ebay account and email and grab a bargain if you have any money left after Christmas. 

It appears to be minimum spend of £20 and one use per ebay ID only, maximum discount £75. Just accumulate items in your basket to a total of over £20 to get the discount required.   

Many thanks for this, just tried it and it works, saved £5 on a model kit. 

Only applies to one item.

NO, not at all helpful! - as specified in the initial post you can pay for a basket of items that amount to more than £20. This total excludes any postage specified.   


It applies to all items in your cart at checkout, I just bought nine to take full advantage of the discount.

Be quick, soon be 6pm

I missed that, must visit specsavers in the new year

Thank you!  Just saved £59 on a small trailer.

Thanks for the info. Managed to get in before it ended and buy some oil and polish, saving £8. 



Many thanks, just saved £5 on a new LED PIR security light, no mention of a discount on my account though!

I spotted this before the 12.00 start so 6 hours, money to spend and four ebay IDs to go mad with. Quidco 5% + the 20% code - big discount by any standards.

Managed to buy a used wheel and tyre for my MK3 Golf, start price £26.99 - that’s it, nothing else - the whole of ebay and no inspiration.

Hopefully others who had the opportunity got their act together.