EBC present?

I see that the EBC brake chappies will be at Blyton on 21st June & offering 30% discount. Will they also be at Oulton Park?

no need to wait you can order them now and get the discount


The EBC deal was predominately set up as a sponsorship deal to help support Blyton 2015. If you require pads or discs please take up the offer before Blyton as the engineering support at the event is for get you home or back on track service only. EBC will not be at the Blyton event or at Oulton Park, however if you require more information about the offer, please feel free to come and have a chat at the Motorsport Stand at the spring rally or contact me by e-mail at peter.mcnicol@mx5oc.co.uk


Thanks due to Peter. I rang my order through to EBC on Wednesday & rear discs & pads were delivered on Friday UPS. Fantastic service & very good prices. Thank you.