Ecu pins size needed

hey all so i need to know the size of the ecu pin connectors (the ones in the connector btw the ecu and its plug) and is this anywhere in the uk i can get hold of then


I have a spare loom that has been robbed and butchered I can have a look and see if I can extract pins.

You may be better to remove a pin with its attached wire and solder that back into the loom replacing with a new pin could be complex if you can find one.

The likelihood is its a tricky operation on a functional loom but I guess you have your reasons.

Wild guess and comment… Are you sure the damaged pin is an active circuit.

I had a quick google search for PCB connectors and also for vehicle socket pins.
several UK places popped up selling thousands of components including just the pins so you would need to check what you need exactly.
It’s not clear if the part you need is on the ECU side of he connection or the loom side. Maybe both?

Ok so, firstly thanks for the quick replies and offers
But after two days of fitting a new connector and trying to re-pin (car been switch to sequential injection) it
Now after changing the ecu connector over, It still was doing the same thing.
running on 3 cylinder’s

so after jiggling of some wires i got the injector to buzz out intermittently.
On inspection on the the ecu side of the connection I moved the pin abit and reconnected it seems to to
buzz out fine now
still not got the car to start due to my losing fight against how cold it was getting lol

thanks i think i might of got it but i will keep you in mind