Electric mirror switch wiring

Hi All,

While I’m replacing my heater matrix pipes I’m wondering about doing the few jobs I’ve had planned which are much easier with the dash out.  My car is a 94 1.8i which is a very basic spec - manual mirrors, windows and locks.  I would like to add electric mirrors, remote central locking with boot release and an outside temp display.

I fitted electric mirrors to my car a while back, by accident really - they weren’t well described on ebay!  I had the foresite to also get the switch and wiring plugs from the seller while I was at it, but have managed to lose the switch since!  I’ll have to buy another to make the original show up!  The electric mirrors do adjust fine by hand, but I miss being able to drop the nearside mirror to see the kerb and park really close without scuffing the wheels.

Unfortunately the wiring for electric mirrors doesn’t seem to be in the car by default, at least it isn’t in the doors.  There are some mystery connectors and wiring to the two unused switch blanks behind the indicator stalk (where the switch was in the car these mirrors came from) and a mystery connector under the gear shifter (some cars have mirror control in the centre dash under the radio, or I guess this might be for electric window control in the centre console, although that would still be strange since there is no wiring for window control in the doors either.

If I don’t solve this mystery and have to add my own wiring, how do I determine which pin on the switch does what?  Does anyone have a wiring diagram?  Rod’s manual has a reference to power mirrors in the index but I can’t find any information in the text itself.  There is a pin-out diagram for electric windows, I just need the same for the mirrors.

Anyone know what the switch blank wiring is likely to be for and if I can pinch power from there?

Lastly, if anyone has such a switch available, please let me know.



I think i have a switch in the bat cave for a Mk 1? I’ll have a look tomorrowWink 


Thanks.  If it still has the plug on it and stubs of the wiring, could you note their colours for me please?  Perhaps if I’m lucky it’s a continuous colour all the way to the mirrors so that would make life easy for wiring up.


 Hi, I too have the same problem, got the mirrors, got the switch but but can’t fathom out the switch pins, if you can help in any way i would be eternally grateful.