Electric window wiring

I’m trying to retrofit electric windows into my prefacelift NB. The wiring loom is already there from the doors to the switch. I’ve bought a second hand switch and window motors.

However, I have found the following:
The left switch operates the right window (up and down but no automatic)
The right switch does nothing
The left window operates (one direction only) when switched positive comes on.

Not plumbed in anything permanently yet so easy to change things.

Wondering if the loom has been wired incorrectly. Here’s what I have at the switch end. Anyone know the correct wiring?

Is the switch from a pre-facelift too? Pre-facelift switches shouldn’t have the Auto-Open function. That switch plug is wired correctly. With a bit of work we could probably work out how to re-wire that plug to work with a facelift switch…

OK… working left to right with the Red/Black wire currently being on the left…

  1. White/Red
  2. Green/Red
  3. Black
  4. Brown
  5. Red/Green
  6. Red/Black

Basically reverse them it seems… Make changes with caution.

This may help (pre-facelift)

Thanks Robbie and Bob. I’ll have a go. :crossed_fingers:

The “auto” one looks more complex

You may have to open the image in a new tab (for a Windows PC right click mouse)

Reversing the order of the wires seems to work. Right switch operates the right window, left for left. Auto function doesn’t seem to do anything (it is an auto switch), but I could live with that. Just need to check that the windows go in the right direction - pressing down for down and lifting up for up.