Electric Windows - Stuck


My passenger window goes down about an inch and then stops. It’s then very hard to get back up.
My drivers window goes 3/4 of the way down and is very slow on the way up but at least it moves, although sometimes it does get stuck too!

I brought a new motor (fitted to the passenger side) and switch but still the same problem occurs on both windows.

I then thought it could be the electrical cables but when you try the new motor without the window it motors up and down as good as anything out there.

I’ve lubed up the window seal as I’ve heard this can help but it’s doesn’t really help either.




“Lazy windows” are common - just did mine yesterday.

You need to do some more work…

Firstly, buy an aerosol of white Lithium spray grease, and a can of silicone spray (not WD40).

Remove door card by removing handle and un-popping the card around it’s perimeter.
Wind the window down if possible, and you’ll see 2 channels that almost reach the door top. You need to re-grease these with the white silicone spray grease.
- I gave mine a shot of penetrating fluid before spraying ~ not essential, but I thought it might help!

Spray the grease into the channels as far as you can - operate the windows, and spray again - AFAIK you can’t sensibly over-do this.
See if you can also get some on the top pulley & cable too (tricky, because it’s shielded).

Spray the rubber vertical trim with the ordinary spray silicone - try to get some down into the part inside the door too.

Operate windows several times, and if they’re better you’ve done it!

Spray the door card tops with the spray silicone (NOT the white stuff) where the glass runs up & down.

Re-fit door card (I sprayed a little silicone spray into door & lock mechanism, and a little on the “poppers” too).

Repeat for the other side.

Full benefit takes a couple of days, and you’ll have windows like greased lightening!