Elvington 2019 photo's!

Here are my photo’s from Elvington!   Many thanks to all the organisers and vounteers!!!

Apologies if your car is here and I didn’t ask your permission!  I asked whenever the owner was present!



and some more!


and finally!    I do have a good video of the 30AE unveiling but I don’t know how to upload that. It is a big file!

Please feel free to copy my photo’s but I would be grateful if you use them, you acknowledge me as the photographer!


Great sets of photos - thanks for posting. 

Not sure how to upload the video I assume you just provide a link to u tube. Hopefully someone will be along soon more informed than me.

Ofiaich, well done!  Thanks for sharing!  Couldn’t get there in person so your photos give me a sort of “feel” of the event!


thanks Andrew,  I didn’t think about a Youtube account! 

I will try that this morning.


You are welcome, Countryboy!

It was an excellent experience!

Ofiaich !

Thanks to AndrewR for pointing me in the right direction!!

Posted on YouTube!  Unveiling of 30AE MX-5 at Elvington!





Our Sparkly Berkeley in forefront on your last photo .

Great day at Elvington. Staying in the area for remainder of week and looking forward to some top down motoring around the fantastic east Yorkshire countryside and coast.


Hi Berkeley-Ray,

Beautiful car!

If you are near Keyingham, in between Hedon and Withernsea, I will make you a cup of tea ??!

Another idea is because I have free time on Wednesday it would be easy to meet at Burton Constable too or show you coastline at Paull or Spurn Point!


Hi everyone!

Two more YouTube videos… can’t seem to use the URL link as it is greyed out.  Copy and paste should work to view!

Elvington Parade

Elvington Parade



great photos, thanks