Elvington World Record

Hi All, Just a quick thanks to all that marshalled participated in the event yesterday. It was an extremely long day for the organising team and exceeded any expectations even dreamed about. I understand there where approx 1570 attended with most cars on track. This made up over a mile of cars 4 abreast. What a site.

We are still unsure about any record being broken as some of the cars participating wanted to there own thing dropping back then sprinting, didn’t listen or didn’t want to. The gaps in the assembly may have blown it. We will see but what a shame.

Should we have failed pretty sure the occasion will not happen again, but it could have been smashed but for a few messing about.

Yep seemed to be a too trickier concept for some to grasp! 

It was a fantastic day and a sight l will never forget. Fingers crossed, but imo from what l saw l can’t see it sadly! 



As reported on other threads, it soon became obvious that not everyone taking part was tuned in to 87.7 on their car radio so drove the whole thing in blissful ignorance. Some weren’t aware of the need to do it and some cars didn’t have a radio fitted. I would hope that the ones who hooned around and might have spoiled it for everyone else were among those not listening on the radio to the at times near apoplectic “whipper in” marshal.

Hi Arran, yes as I wrote after finding out about the unfortunate result, it was really disappointing. Myself and my 11 year old grandson marshalled that day. What a great turn out and great enthusiasm from all. Pity there has to be those who spoil it for the majority. No doubt they will register correctly when they go for their covid virus injection. All the best. Derek